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Get Involved

The Initiative launched in 2020 with the hiring of our first, Holistic Justice Caseworker – it's an exciting time for criminal justice reform and we need your help to be successful. 

Get involved by Attending an EventJoining Our Email List, Donating, and Offering Assistance.

We are actively seeking Operating & Advisory Board members – Offer to Join Our Team!

Attend an Event Anchor
Attend an Event

Meet Us for a Fundraising Happy Hour on the Rooftop of the Capital One Innovation Center in Richmond.


Fundraising Happy Hours will feature guest speakers in the criminal justice space from Richmond and beyond.

(These events have been postponed due to COVID-19.)

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Join Our Email List Anchor
Join our email list
Join our email list

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Donate Anchor

We are honored to have over 90% of Richmond’s Public Defenders contributing an average of $25 per month.

As the underpaid and overworked advocates closest to non-violent people being incarcerated within the criminal justice system, the support of Richmond’s Public Defenders speaks volumes about the need for the Initiative's mission.

The Initiative is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and depends on the financial support of our charitable contributors, who currently include many of Richmond’s public defenders, private defense attorneys, and our family members and friends.

Become a Monthly Charitable Donor by Using the Subscribe Button!

Auto-recurring monthly charitable donations, of even $1 per month, drive the Initiative's mission forward by:


  • Providing a consistent monthly budget;

  • Signaling proactive, community support for the Initiative’s reform goals; and

  • Significantly reducing the administrative costs of fundraising.

Make a One-Time Donation by Using the Donate Button!

Your one-time donation provides the Initiative with vital momentum for success!

Offer Assistance Anchor
Offer Assistance

Interested in supporting our mission in another way?  Please send us a note introducing yourself – we welcome feedback on our work, opportunities to collaborate, and offers of assistance.  You can use the form below or send an email to

Our focus in early 2020 is to build an Operating & Advisory Board. Please let us know how you might fit in:

Advisory Board Members are non-voting advisors who have no legal obligation to the Initiative and do not participate in corporate governance, but are instead available to advise and assist in the achievement of our mission.​  We need Advisory Board Members who can provide advice, assistance, and connections gained from former or current experiences in the following roles: 

  • Key Charitable Contributors; Elected Officials & Staff; Academics & Researchers; Business Community Members; Community Activists; Criminal Justice Practitioners; Law Enforcement; Prosecutors; Public & Private Defenders; Judges; & Broader Legal Community Members.

Operating Board Members are voting directors who serve in a fiduciary capacity to govern the Initiative as a Virginia Nonstock Corporation. ​​ We need Operating Board Members who can provide service and diligence in governance in the following categories: 

  • Legal & Corporate Governance; Accounting & Bookkeeping; Fundraising & Development; Non-Profit Leadership; & Public Policy.

Sends us a note to offer assistance or join our team

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