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By creating a holistic, supportive intervention model of public safety, we can reduce crime and the significant human and financial costs of incarceration.

For a Safer Virginia.

We're working to end the incarceration of non-violent people.

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RVA Justice Hub

Justice is served by connections to social services.

Find social services to address the needs of our clients and move them out of the system.

How We Work Anchor

Incarcerating non-violent people tends to create recidivism risks without mitigating violent risks or danger in communities.  Specifically, incarceration creates circumstances that pull people back into the criminal justice system, as they struggle to manage:  loss of employment and housing, debt accumulation, social isolation, and significant mental, emotional, and physical stress, among other issues.




Incarcerating non-violent people spends taxpayer dollars at exorbitant rates to create recidivism risks without protective benefits.  The FY 2019 average daily cost to house someone in a Virginia jail is $91.97 per person per day – or over $2,500 per person per month – or over $30,000 per person per year.  This is nearly double the amount the federal government would spend to house an active duty service member in Richmond, VA.

It is inhumane to incarcerate non-violent people – to deny human beings who are not dangerous their liberty – to place friends, family members, and neighbors in cages – when doing so does little to keep communities safe from danger.  And it is unconscionable to waste taxpayer dollars on this inhumanity, when those same dollars could fund impactful, social investments in education, healthcare, and the broader economy.

Incarcerating non-violent people is:

Here's what we're doing about it:

Helping People

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We guide & accompany our non-violent clients through engagements with the local resources they need to address circumstances & recidivism risks pulling them back into the criminal justice system.


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By serving our non-violent clients, we are creating a holistic, supportive intervention model of public safety, and collecting the recidivism and cost data to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Advocating for Reform

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We will advocate for data-informed legislation to end the incarceration of non-violent people and drive the creation of an effective and compassionate criminal justice system for a Safer Virginia.

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